Hey guy.

I’m Celia. I’ve been a few things over my 26 years, but currently I help my family (in-law) run their campground by being their Activities Director. I get to play with glue, paint, and cute kids but I also have to, y’know, clean bathrooms and such.

Yes, it's gorgeous. Thanks fam.
Yes, it’s gorgeous. Thanks fam.

That’s during the summertime. So I started this blog, Filthy Hippie, as a way to plan, share, and keep track of my personal creative pursuits. I love and indulge in so many hobbies that it’s kind of ridiculous. I get paralyzed by “what should I do next??” all the time. My aim is to help myself and those like me answer that soul-splitting question. As long as it involves, like, craft items. I don’t have all the answers, guys. Come on.

So I made a list of all the DIY, crafty, amazing things I’d like to try and we’re going to cross them off together. Maybe some of them will be super awesome.

There will be coloring.
There will be coloring.

A little extra? A little more personal?

I love to be alone. I swear too much for most people. I dust my Xbox One instead of cute brass animals. I do have cute brass animals, but, priorities right? Destiny is my jam (let’s play the Crucible, guys, come on). Tea sustains my being. I’m messy, sarcastic, annoying as fuck.


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